HIWIN Technologies

Who we are

HIWIN, found in 1989 and certified by ISO13485, is the 2nd largest professional liner motion control manufacturer in the world and the publicly listed company in Taiwan. There are over 10 subsidiaries and RD centers internationally.

HIWIN Healthcare offers a wide range of medical robotic product lines based on its precision manufacturing and proficient motion control and system technology. With the philosophy of providing a better way of life for mankind, HIWIN has also committed to medical industry to develop rehabilitation equipment, healthcare living equipment and surgical equipment.


Established: October 1989
Founder: Eric Y. T. Chuo
Chairman: Wen Hen Chuo
Employees: 6,483 (Mar, 2020)
Global Headquarters: Taichung, Taiwan
Overseas Subsidiaries: Germany, Japan, United States, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Singapore, South Korea, China Suzhou
R&D Centers: Tokyo (Japan), Offenburg (Germany)
The professional manufacturer of the worldwide motion control and systematic technology.

Our values

HIWIN Healthcare has the belief that "Manufacturing is not the goal, but service to fulfill the human needs." With innovative technology, HIWIN Healthcare provides better medical services to improve the quality of life for medical practitioners and patients.

Due to the aging population and low fertility rate worldwide, HIWIN Healthcare is devoted to providing intelligent and automatic medical services in response to higher demand for medical care and insufficient medical practitioners. With the foundation of HIWIN's core motion control technology, HIWIN's products are highly customized and have cost advantage due to vertical integration. Our goal is to make the healthcare service accessible to families and communities, allow everyone to receive adequate care. HIWIN Healthcare is dedicated to improving the quality of life.