Who we are

Successful therapy begins in the patients' minds.

We firmly believe that – step by step – they can reach their goals and regain quality of life.

This is what we work for at the Swiss MedTech company Hocoma. With technologies and ideas that look at functional movement therapy from a completely different angle. Because they enable independent exercise and create maximum motivation because they challenge people to take courage and support their hopes with personal achievements.

We are committed to creating the ideal therapy. Our awarded robotic and sensor-based devices offer solutions for the intensive gait therapy (Lokomat®, Andago®), functional therapy of the upper extremities (Armeo®), and robotic mobilization and functional electrical stimulation in early rehabilitation (Erigo®). They are the result of intensive research, consistent development and continuous exchange with patients, therapists and partners in research and science.

Note: The physician in charge has the sole medical responsibility for rehabilitation treatment and decides whether a patient is fit for a specific treatment. In particular, the physician must weigh the possible risks and side-effects of the treatment against the expected benefit in each case. In addition, the patient’s individual situation plays just as important a role as the basic risk assessment for specific patient groups. The person in charge of using the system is responsible to adapt the training sessions and the course of therapy to the patient’s abilities.

Our values

Leading. Innovative. Reliable. Functional. Enabling. Passionate. That is what Hocoma stands for.

At Hocoma, we are committed to supporting clinicians and patients in neurorehabilitation with innovative, high-quality therapy solutions. Our products are designed to optimize the quality and efficiency of the therapy and enhance the motivation of patients and medical staff. Therefore, Hocoma has set itself the objective of developing and manufacturing high-quality products.

Our products provide benefits for patients and therapists and they stand for safety and user-friendliness. Our product development builds on the current results of medical research. Our products fulfil the requirements of international norms and legislation in the field of medicine.

Our presence around the world