Hosoda SHC CO., Ltd.

Who we are

HOSODA SHC Co., Ltd. was established in 1952 as a trading company in Japan. We established new departments in the early 2000s, medical department and healthcare department so that we can contribute to [Safety - Healtyh - Comfortable] society not only as a trading company but also as a manufacturer. 

We provide medical training kits for doctors and medical students, and natural ingredients for food and supplement manufacturers.

1. Medical Training Kits (See “products”)

(1) [NUERUZA ™ -Suture Training Pad-]

(2) [SASERUZA ™ -Central Venous Catheterization Training Pad-]

2. Natural Ingredients

(1) Melinjo seed extract

Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon L.) is a kind of gymnosperm plant belonging to the Gnetum family native to Indonesia and is a small to medium-size tree, growing to 5 – 20 m tall. Melinjo seed extract obtained by extracting melinjo seed with hydrous alcohol contains abundant resveratrol dimers such as gnetin C, gnemonoside A and gnemonoside D. On the clinical trial results, it has been suggested that melinjo seed extract or gnetin C has the following effects.

a. Anti-hyperuricemia (anti-gout)

b. Anti-arteriosclerosis, anti-diabetes

c. Immune regulation

(2) Java ginger extract

Java ginger (Zingiber purpureum, Zingiber cassumunar, Zingiber montanum) is a perennial plant belonging to the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) and is widely distributed in Southeast Asia. The ethanol extract of its rhizome contains banglenes (cis-banglene, trans-banglene) which promote neuritogenesis (neurite outgrowth). On the basic research results, it has been suggested that java ginger extract and banglenes have the following effects.

a. Improvement of dementia

b. Antiseizure

c. Neuritogenesis

Our values

We can contribute to [Safety - Healthy - Comfortable] society as your business supporter. Our company name "SHC" means "S"afety, "H"ealthy and "C"omfortable.


Our first priority is safety. We consider not only the safety of our products but also the safety of production process system and the safety of raw materials usd for our products.


We are developing healthy products by collaborating with some universities and research institutes. For example, our botanical ingredients for food and supplement have functionalities revealed by human clinical trials.


We are developing products with which our clients can feel comfortable.