H.P.I. Medical

Who we are

With more than 40 years experience in the orthopedic surgery sector, HPI is specialized in designing, manufacturing and promoting spinal implants, cages and instruments for the surgical treatment of cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacrum pathologies (C1-C7 / T1-T12 / L1-L5 / S1-S5)

HPI represents a perfect synergy of industrial know-how and medical expertise. Taking advantage of its technical experience and infrastructure, HPI works closely with surgeons and healthcare specialists to develop innovative and high-quality products. These are designed to provide stability, safety and comfort for the patient through a fast and straightforward surgical procedure.

The company is located in France, halfway between Geneva and Chamonix, in the heart of an industrial valley recognized for its high level of technological know-how. HPI is the first child company of the manufacturer and subcontractor of bone implants Charles PERY Co, which was founded in 1928.

Our values


Each step of the manufacturing process is operated in our own premises in France. From the reception of raw materials to packaging, we can ensure the quality of our products at any level of the production chain. All HPI implants are CE marked and certified in compliance with ISO 13485.


By combining rigorous production techniques and design flexibility, HPI has the capacity to fulfill all the requirements of bone-related implants, not only through product customization but also in the development of new devices to suit individual needs.


Three generations of executives have successfully managed this family business over 90 years with the transmission of a deep knowledge and solid experience, in the context of a constantly evolving society. Our teams are composed of qualified workers who share the values and the ambitions of HPI.

Continuous improvement

We continuously seek opportunities for growth and innovation with emphasis on the use of new technologies, the identification of changes in the sector, the anticipation of upcoming client needs, the expansion of markets and the regular training of our teams.