Who we are

iCRco, Inc. is an independent leader in the design and manufacture of digital imaging hardware and software, offering innovative solutions for medical, industrial, and veterinary markets. For 30 years, iCRco has been providing a full range of digital imaging solutions including cassette workflow, direct capture, and 3DCT. Its globally-recognized products reduce healthcare costs with reliable hardware systems and high-resolution capabilities. iCRco offers leading-edge technology that integrates seamlessly into acquisition, practice management, and image archiving solutions.
Since it's’s inception, iCRco, has been committed to providing healthcare professionals the best in imaging technology while pulling costs out of healthcare. iCRco is proudly represented in the most busiest and exotic locations in over 90 countries worldwide. Recently iCRco calculated almost 1.4 billion images captured since it entered the global arena.

Our values

iCRco is celebrating 30 years in the global market. It is an established, global leader in providing innovative digital x-ray solutions. Our products include CR and DR imaging hardware and imaging software for the hospital, medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary, and non-destructive testing industries. iCRco introduced the first computed radiography system with True Flat Scan Path™ technology because the phosphor plate never leaves the cassette, iCRco CR systems provide artifact-free digital images. iCRco is introducing groundbreaking technology that provided practitioners the option of either CR or DR.

iCRco's priority is the health of the patient and medical staff, providing equipment that is up to 70% less burden on the patient and medical staff with low radiation dose. iCRco has the experience, high quality, and customer-friendly service that provides healthcare workers with mobile and stationary solutions for digital imaging diagnostics, digital systems for human medicine, veterinary medicine and NDT industrial diagnostic systems.

Our presence around the world