IDCP MedTech

Who we are

IDCP is specialized in marketing innovative digital products across Europe. We have succeeded in bringing several brands to adulthood in the European market and we are supplying many of the leading companies in Europe

The Dino-Lite products are well known for its high quality and the wide range of models for many applications. IDCP has identified the medical applications where one or more Dino-lite models are best suited for the application. The MEDL range now comprises DermaScope®,, EarScopes, CapillaryScopes, IriScope, TrichoScopes and PodoScopes.

The healthcare models have the features of the general Dino-Lite models like the built-in LED lights and the possibility to store images and video on the computer, but also the specially designed caps for each application and the availability of a polarization filter on some models. All Dino-Lite’s receive power through the USB port which makes them independent of batteries. All models in this product range are certified according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC modified 2007/47/EC.

DermEngine is a convenient and secure dermatology platform available anytime, anywhere. Compatible with numerous devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) dermatoscopes and several cameras, it allows health professionals and institutions to set up their clinics online, provide tele-dermatology consultations through a customized mobile app or simply make, store and access patients’data & images with more quality and accuracy.The Dermengine tool makes medical practices more productive and successful in the dermatology, aesthetics, plastic surgery and skin care & cosmetic fields.

MoleScope: smartphone add-on to make dermatoscopic pictures and use the smartphone app (iOS and Android) to connect to DermEngine. Main user groups are consumers or care environments such as pharmacies.

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