Illuco Corporation

Who we are

ILLUCO’s history is not very long. Young masters in the field of optical design, coating, lens polishing and analyzing, gathered together and founded the company. Then we entered the optical medical device market, starting with dermatoscope, a skin diagnostic device, invented through a long period of research, analyzation, and after many trials and errors. Since its founding, ILLUCO has not been lazy to constantly develop new products and upgrade existing products. Thanks to the support by the Korean government, in recognition of our technology and expertise, we have been able to boldly invest for product development and upgrades. As the result, we were able to develop and market the IDS-Series product line. In the field of optics, we still pay our special attention from the design to the quality test and mass production in order to satisfy the needs of our customer. Working with craftsmanship in mind is our first priority and that is and will be our key to survive and make a name in the market. 

Our values

Illuco Corporation works with 20 years’ experienced professional master-hands.

We design, manufacture and assemble only best quality products applying cutting-edge Technologies in optical engineering fields.

Illuco has the ability developing a product from designing to testing solely by itself and

developed its own medical optical devices & components, marketed them under its own brand names.

Illuco Corporation will comply with all requirements and maintain the effectiveness of our Quality Management system.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our processes and products through partnership and communications

that ensure understanding the expectations our improvements.

We will deliver defect free products on time while working in a clean, safe work environment.