Who we are

I.M.LAB Inc. develops innovative training solutions for CPR education. Through our services and products, we reinvent CPR training to be more accurate, efficient and accessible. The company consists of talented individuals motivated and passionate about utilizing technologies for saving lives, responsible for their areas of specialties.

Through the course of extensive business operations around the globe, enabled by relationships with prestigious manufacturers for mass production and numerous medical equipment companies for distribution and marketing activities, our solutions are used domestically and internationally in schools, universities, hospitals, non-profit organizations and etc.

Our values

We strive to develop and provide quality products based on sincerity and integrity. We hope our products will make a difference and will continue to contribute towards using technology for a better world.

1. INNOVATION: We make sure that our products and services are unique and special.

2. FUN: We assure that the experience from our products and services, is always fun.

3. BETTER SOLUTION: We strive to provide a better solution.

4. BETTER LIFE: We devote ourselves to creating a more convenient and better world.