Who we are

ImplanTec is a family-owned Austrian company located in Mödling, near Vienna, and specialized in the development, production and distribution of hip endoprostheses. Decades of experience and persistence, combined with close customer relations, have made us an important partner over the years. Much has changed, but flexibility and innovation made in Austria with fair value for money has always remained the same.

With the brands ANA.NOVA® and CCG®, the Group has become established as a key supplier in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Consistent implementation of the customers’ expectations has been adapted to meet the needs of the patient in the 21st century. The basis for our current product range is a long-standing interaction with doctors under the watchful eyes of our founder and long-time designer, Dr. Anton Wurzinger.

Our sales and expert team is happy to answer any queries about our further products for the musculoskeletal system.

ImplanTec GmbH, Austria, is the licensed manufacturer of ANA.NOVA® and CCG®.

Our values

Ideology - humane, professional and organisationally competent

The independently managed company with an Austrian ownership structure is the result of decades of research and further development in the field of hip joint replacement. Quality and safety have top priority at ImplanTec - for responsible dealings in the interest of our customers and patients. The company is characterised by flexibility and reliability, as well as highly qualified and dedicated employees. Through tireless commitment and an unbureaucratic exchange with our customers, we are able to collectively preserve our innovative power in the course of time.

The supreme demands of doctors and patients have one clear goal:
Innovation that moves.