Who we are

At INSPECTIS we share a passion for creating top-flight digital video inspection systems for macro and micro vision that are backed by a reciprocal level of dedicated service and support. In any aspect of our business we seek only to be best in class.

INSPECTIS digital microscopes are designed with in-house formulated, high resolution optics and sensitive, high dynamic range image sensors, from HD format i.e. 1280×720 pixels (~ 1 MP) to Ultra HD format i.e. 3840 x 2160 pixels (~ 8.3MP). We have full control of the signal processing to give the best possible video quality using propriety circuitry to output live digital video through an HDMI port.

Since the image is generated from the digital image sensor, the entire system is designed and optimised for monitor or computer image presentation.

That is why INSPECTIS delivers carefully specified systems with optimum performance that are sleekly designed and manufactured from durable high-quality materials to make them fit for purpose with a long life in real working environments.

This is hardly surprising as INSPECTIS is proud to follow Sweden’s tradition and reputation for producing technically advanced, durable and well-engineered products. It is also natural that when coming from that position, contemporary concerns for sustainability and conservation of resources are easily met.

When you order an INSPECTIS you order Quality of Inspection!

Our values

We believe success requires "the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and the environment on which we have an impact."

Our values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers. Our four core values are integrity, responsibility, respect and pioneering. As we expand into new markets, recruit new talent and face new challenges, these guide our people in the decisions and actions they take every day.