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IP Dent

Who we are

The company was built in 1990.
The aim was and is: Production in laboratorytools for practice and laboratory with pretentoius technichal,quality and security into function,

The IP company produces and sells worldwide goods like
aspirators,wax-injects,disinfectiontools and more.

Point of mains are:steamers and spare parts for all kind of
steamers,which we can offer to a good rate.
We offer you therefore a comprehensive service,which
encloses repairs in our own enterprise(as a rule 24 hours
service + transport currency). During the period of the
repair , we are able to help out with a circulation tool.
We will repair all kind of steamers.

Our values

A high niveau characterizes our company,constant new- and
extensive development of our tools and products for
different applications is our aim.
Through a long standing experience we are in the attitude
to produce the tools after special wishes for home and
In the years ago we collected a lot of experiences in the
branche of the goldsmiths,to them we can offer all our tools.

We offer products of good qualitiy to low prices,consistent
and lasting,