I.P.S. Medical

Who we are

I.P.S. MEDICAL, founded in 2014, is the evolution of the historic family business started in 1977 by M.P. PIEROTTI.

Founded with the aim of creating a specialized production of X-ray equipment for veterinary use and generators both for medical and industrial use, the company’s mission is the research and development of solutions that enable an excellent use of technology in its most varied applications.

A highly specialized technical staff with long experience is able to provide immediate support and a high level of care in every situation.

I.P.S. MEDICAL is a partner for the production of X-ray units for veterinary use and monoblocks and systems in OEM, providing the experience of people that have been working for over 35 years in the field of radiology. The enthusiasm and determination of a team following the most technologically advanced solutions ensures a quality certified product.

The qualitative and economic aspect and the product range have enabled IPS MEDICAL to establish itself in the national and international market as the ideal partner for radiological components and X-ray equipment for veterinary use.

I.P.S. Medical is partner with the most renowned Italian Universities:

Another important sector is the reconditioning of generators produced by other manufacturers both in the medical and industrial field.

Our values

The I.P.S. company Medical is proud to report the quote from the book Storia della Radiologia Italiana, which testifies to the long working experience that has been consolidated over time and continues until today.

In 1930 in Milan, Mr. Alfonso Frontini, ancestor of Mr. Clementino Frontini, founded the company "Frontini" which was one of the first Italian companies in the field of radiological equipment manufacturers. Today, Clementino continues its legacy by creating radiological equipment for veterinary, medical and industrial use in its company I.P.S. MEDICAL.

From History of Italian Radiology (page 38)

"In 1930 the FRONTINI from Milano of Alfonso Frontini was born. The FRONTINI of Milan was the first manufacturer of radiological equipment to present an orthoclinoscope able to perform a 90 ° / 90 ° overturning with an ingenious mechanical system of overturning the examination plane, by means of a toothed wheel and a simultaneous translation to cremaglieria. The system was particularly appreciated for the execution of myelographies for the research of intervertebral disc hernias "