ISOL8 Healthcare

Who we are

We are an international manufacturer of theatre wear and medical consumables founded and headquartered in Ireland. We strive to enhance the safety of healthcare professionals and patients, through innovation and advanced technological solutions. Our investments in better material technology and strict quality control ensures the highest quality of products whilst maintaining the best value for money. We are committed to supplying the right protective equipment tailored to your needs. Contact us for specific enquiries and to help us to learn more about how we can best assist you or your organisation.

Our mission is to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in delivering the best care. Healthcare professionals make a difference, now more obviously than ever. Hospitals are under continual pressure to work more effectively in delivering the best care, and good products enable this. We play our part by listening to our customers and working together to provide advanced solutions in theatre wear and protective equipment, allowing healthcare professionals to work effectively and comfortably with the highest standards in personal and patient safety.

Our values

We focus on Quality, Comfort, and Affordability

1. Quality: Our commitment to the quality of our products starts with listening to you and your organisation’s requirements and then tailoring solutions to your needs. Our range of products are tested to meet the latest standards in our industry. Strict quality control and regular assessments are carried out to make sure that every product coming off our production lines meets those standards in order to ensure top performance levels. We continually seek improvements in the quality of our products through developments in materials, design, and manufacturing methods.

2. Comfort: Comfort for the wearer is a necessity, and we employ experienced healthcare professionals who understand this. Our products are soft to the skin and provide high breathability – at the same time they give exceptional performance. For example, our range of surgical gowns are light in weight and feature ergonomic features such as raglan sleeves, offering the wearer enhanced comfort and easier donning.

3. Affordability: Medical budgets have their limits, and indeed healthcare organisations are being asked to do more and more as technology progresses. We are always looking at ways to reduce costs and pass these on to our customers – without sacrificing quality or performance. Let us help you get more for your money.