Who we are

Italeco is an Italian company specialized in electronic developments and constantly oriented in developing new technologies and new high quality products.

We are proud to present our line of Mic-Fi products.

Mic-Fi is a line of versatile portable digital medical devices with Wi-Fi transmission. Every device can be connected to tablets or smartphones through a specific Mic-Fi App (iOS or Android) or through a Wi-Fi/USB connection to computers and laptops (Windows or Mac). Using Mic-Fi dedicated softwares , you can take pictures, make video and measurement.

All our products can be used alone but are designed to be crucial device and part of platforms and systems that allows to make remote check-up or telemedicine.

Available: Mic-Fi Dermatoscopes – Otoscopes – Capillaroscopes – Cameras for optical instruments - Iriscopes - Softwares basic (free) and dedicated - Accessories.

Our values

Italeco is constantly oriented to searching new technologies and new high quality products. Quality is a standard and philosophy of work.

Continuous investments are tangible proof of abusiness vision without equal. Every customer is a potential partner in the development and research of new solutions and new technologies.