J+K Chirurgische Instrumente

Who we are

About 20 years ago, J+K Chirurgische Instrumente GmbH was founded in Germany - with an objective of supplying Quality Dental Instruments across the globe.

We started our business with limited products consisting of dental instruments but now, we have increased our products range to Dental, Ophthalmology & Implant covering majority of the instruments used in the medical field. Since last twenty years, We have been supplying our instruments to thousands of dentists well reputed companies located all over the globe. Our products are in accordance with international quality standards, and are ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485:2016 and CE Mark certified.

We work for customers satisfaction for which we provide best service, competitive prices and high quality products. We value our Customers Recommendations regarding our services and products and tend to improve them with their prestigious recommendations.

Our values

J+K Chirurgische Instrumente GmbH aims to assist maximal number of dentists & other medical intellectual across the globe by providing them with quality Dental & Surgical Instruments. We have objective of introducing new products and new eco-friendly method of producing our instruments through constant innovation. One of the core goal of J+K is to grow its business by sustainable growth, so none of the stakeholder is affected adversely.

Our presence around the world