Jeil Medical Corporation

Who we are

JEIL Medical Corporation is manufacturer of titanium bone plates and scrwes. We have products in OMF, Neuro, Orthodontic, Dental, DO, Orthopedic and Veterinary. JEIL Medical Corporation's focus is to produce high quality products that our customers can trust and safely use. We have continually grown at a steady rate due to our customers satisfaction of our products and their continued use.  We are constantly trying to understand our customer's needs and to produce better and safer product for them.

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Our values

Customer Satisfaction & Social Contribution

JEIL Medical Corporation believes High quality Products provide better medical service. JEIL Medical Corporation is constantly studying the products for customer satisfaction. Entire staffs focus on customer satisfaction in each field. JEIL Medical Corporation is willing to do our business for customer satisfaction. And believe it will contribute to social.

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