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SAIKANG Medical (Jiangsu SAIKANG Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., stock code 870098) has been established since 2002 and has undergone significant development. It is a benchmark enterprise and brand in the manufacturing and supply of medical equipment and furniture. The company has over 400 employees and a professional facility of over 20,000 square meters equipped with high-tech facilities.

The core of SAIKANG Medical is continuous innovation; we are committed to continuously setting and implementing new standards for product quality and service efficiency. As a result, we have accumulated more than 120 registered technology patents, completed more than 20 quality certifications (ISO-9001/13485/14001) and OHSAS 18001, European CE, US FDA, Russian Federation registration, Brazil ANVISA, etc. Additionally, we also comply with 93/42/EEC and IEC 60601 safety standards. In all of this, our R&D department is crucial, and we invest 10% of our profits into it every year.

Our comprehensive service model enables us to achieve our goal of working philosophy: to provide the best experience for our customers/users and contribute to the improvement and modernization of the global healthcare system. We serve over 1,000 medical institutions, covering more than 149 countries/regions, and every department and employee continues to work efficiently and enthusiastically.

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Race against time for a healthier life!

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