JMS - Healthcare Furniture

Who we are

JMS has been in the market since 1991, dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of Hospital and Geriatric furniture and more recently to the Physiotherapy equipment. Established in the district of Aveiro in the municipality of Murtosa since March 2007, JMS promotes a policy of excellence through customer satisfaction.

Focusing on quality, safety and comfort of the manufactured products, JMS combines design, ergonomics and functionality, providing an improvement in the quality of life of its users.

By combining the latest technology and raw materials of the highest quality with the expertise of skilled professionals and a meticulous production system, we secure a good price/quality ratio and a high level of knowledge by which we are known in the markets we operate. We are certified since 2001 by the ISO 9001 quality standard and currently implementing the ISO 14001 environment standard.

Our values


Customer satisfaction is the benefits source of collaborators and suppliers that is being sought in a systematic and unlimited way.


The involvement of our collaborators represents the base of our strength, offering to the company motivational tools, permanent training and updating knowledge. We ensure the awareness and training of all the employees in order to reinforce the environmental awareness and expertise, both individual and collective.


We seek to achieve a continuous improvement at all the stages of our processes. We are always available alongside with our customers and suppliers to go on searching for the best solutions.


Develop the Environmental Management System in order to ensure the prevention of the pollution to establish objectives and targets for the continuous improvement in the environmental performance of its activities, products and services.

To manage efficiently the waste that results from our activity and produce cleaner products using environmentally friendly technologies and processes.

It is based on these principles that we assume full commitment to the Customer determinations as well as for the applicable legal requirements, betting on the improvement of the Efficiency of our Integrated Management System.