Who we are

When you buy a Keeler instrument – what are you buying? A century of experience in optics! Keeler has been manufacturing ophthalmic instruments since 1917. We continue to lead the market with our innovative instruments. This has been achieved through our continuous program of customer involvement in the design process to ensure our instruments meet the rigorous demands of daily practice.

We still manufacture and assemble our instruments in the UK. Keeler combines optical precision, high-quality illumination, ergonomic design, and lightweight, durable materials to provide you with the best possible choice of equipment.

Our values

Professionalism: The word comes from being "proficient". Completing tasks with skill, acting with integrity and earning the trust of others. What we do reflects the level of professionalism that our customers expect from their patents.

Quality: Quality is the outcome of care, and the basis of trust. For our customers, quality means precision, reliability and value. For us, quality means putting the customer first.

Entrepreneurship: Given our pedigree it is easy to see Keeler as traditional and conservative. Yet we have launched many innovations and are ambitious to change, grow and succeed. We encourage everyone to be open, forward thinking and pursue the future with ambition and initiative.

Focus: We do one thing and control every aspect of it, so we can do it better, with a genuine attention to detail and dedication. Our focus gives us an edge and is the well spring of both our quality and professionalism. We focus on what we do and who we do it for -- our customers.

Heritage: Our pedigree is unique and is the foundation of who we are today. Nearly 100 years of expertise and relationships have helped to create a genuine familial spirit, based on mutual respect and shared responsibility. Outside the company it has made us a preferred choice for professionals, who often hold our brand in a genuine affection.

Service: Keeler Technical Services and our authorized distributors will carry out repairs and routine maintenance to your equipment. We offer a Service Exchange plan covering most direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes. This is a quick and economic way of keeping your instruments in top working order.