Who we are

Kiversal is a MedTech company based in Barcelona that designs, manufactures and certifies medical devices with Internet connectivity.

With our first range of audiometers, Audixi 10 digital smart-audiometer, we want to bring innovation into audiometry through:

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Less time in the medical procedure to be performed applying ICT solutions (IT data integration)
INNOVATION: Maintenance and calibration assisted remotely: no downtime (under patent)
IoMT (Internet de las Cosas Médicas): Better service since we can work with consolidated date in digital format

Our values

Why is Audixi 10 an unique and innovative range of smart-audiometer in the market? Because it has been designed with the following features:

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY: ergonomic and intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes the user experience better in terms of learning curve and ease to use thanks to our audiometers are leveraging the Tablet technology.



- Connectable to the customer technology systems for data integration
- Connectable to most printers on the market (local and / or network)
- Connected to the Internet. Prepared for remote monitoring (tele-audiometry) and Cloud-service upcoming applications
- Upgradable to higher models without changing physical device

SAFE, RELIABLE AND EASY CARE: The instant metrological calibration service makes your audiometer be fully operational, without unplanned stops or downtime. Different headphones (transducers) can be shared between different devices.

Our presence around the world