Who we are

Kiversal: Innovation in Digital Audiometry

Kiversal, based in Barcelona, is a leader in the MedTech field. We specialize in the design, manufacture and certification of medical devices with Internet connectivity. Our Audixi 10 Digital Smart Audiometer has revolutionized audiometry.


Efficient Digital Transformation: We reduce procedure completion time through integrated ICT solutions, providing faster and more accurate assessments.

Remote Maintenance and Calibration: Our patented technology enables uninterrupted maintenance of medical activity.

IoMT for Superior Service: We use the Internet of Medical Things to deliver a service based on consolidated data in digital format.

Our Commitment:

At Kiversal, we don't just create medical devices, we create solutions that transform the way healthcare professionals approach audiometry. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge tools that drive efficiency, accuracy and comfort in everyday medical practice.

Join the Audiometry Revolution:

Discover how the Audixi 10 Digital Smart Audiometer can take your medical practice to the next level. Contact us today and be part of the leading edge in hearing care.

Our values

Why is Audixi 10 an unique and innovative range of smart-audiometer in the market? Because it has been designed with the following features:

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY: ergonomic and intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes the user experience better in terms of learning curve and ease to use thanks to our audiometers are leveraging the Tablet technology.



- Connectable to the customer technology systems for data integration
- Connectable to most printers on the market (local and / or network)
- Connected to the Internet. Prepared for remote monitoring (tele-audiometry) and Cloud-service upcoming applications
- Upgradable to higher models without changing physical device

SAFE, RELIABLE AND EASY CARE: The instant metrological calibration service makes your audiometer be fully operational, without unplanned stops or downtime. Different headphones (transducers) can be shared between different devices.

Our presence around the world