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Who we are

Who's that?

With our special offer, we are committed to integrating owners and users as well as care experts and hygiene experts into product development - for equipment, functional furniture or aids. VIANDOpflege® is a development of KRANICHconcept GmbH.

Björn and Jutta Kranich were unsuccessful and disappointed in their own biographically motivated search for a universally applicable care chair that met their functional requirements for private use as well as their design ideas. As a result, both of them - who have been active as furniture and furnishing experts in the high-value segment for years - decided to close this gap in the care sector with an innovative quality furniture that combines design with flexibility and a maximum of function.

Our values

Our promise - with a clear conscience

VIANDOpflege® and the KRANICHconcept GmbH product family are not only good for your patients but also for the environment. Our products are equipped with high-quality materials and tested quality Made in Germany for a long product life, comply in every respect with the strict German and European testing guidelines and get by with minimal packaging and short transport distances. A consistently positive balance for both users and the ecosystem. In responsibility for people and the environment we use

only materials and components for our products that are harmless to health. For this purpose we cooperate with partners who produce in Germany and are committed to the local guidelines for impregnation, dyeing and fire protection treatment. In addition, our upholstery material manufacturers DELIUS Textiles GmbH and Konrad Hornschuch AG voluntarily renounce approved substances such as formaldehyde or the flame retardant decabromodiphenyl ether, which are not problem-free for everyone.

Short transport routes and minimisation of pollutants

VIANDOpflege® and all other products of KRANICHconcept GmbH are consciously designed and produced in Germany. In addition, they are delivered by our own forwarding agency throughout Germany and with cooperating partners throughout Europe. Neither components nor the finished products are dependent on long and ecologically damaging transport routes by air or sea. In this way we save people and the environment unnecessary and excessive CO2 pollution and guarantee pollutant-tested materials according to German guidelines.

Our presence around the world