Who we are


KSP Italia has always invested in research and innovation, it designs and manufactures with passion high-tech solutions at the service of man. These are the added values of a leading manufacturer of tracked and wheeled stair climbers, lift/relax electric armchairs, aids. Innovative, reliable and safe solutions for the mobility and rehabilitation, which allow you to regain freedom of movement, overcome barriers, regain serenity.

Our values

The brand “KSP Italia” as well as being a guarantee of quality and reliability is synonymous of safety.

Since the start of its activity KSP Italia has set the target of achieving excellence in the field of furniture European healthcare and medical devices. This ambition that goes hand in hand with the respect for national and international regulations, but also beyond.

KSP Italia annually invests considerable efforts and resources in attending to voluntary standards such as ISO9001 certifying their ability to respond to customer requirements and the ISO 13485 standard of quality management system specific for companies in the medical sector and medical devices. KSP Italia is certified OHSAS 18001 that identifies an international standard for a safety management of workers' health.

KSP Italia also takes care according to international standards of every aspect of the product, with reference to both compulsory requirements that the ones voluntarily applied. In this direction are met by the design to the management of risk, from the production to the documentation to the disposal of products.

The label you will find the CE mark, certifying that they are complied with all European directives applicable to the products, the references are listed in detail in the declaration of conformity; in this document you will find also other regulations not required by law but applied by KSP in manufacturing its products to prove the excellence and care employees.

All products KSP Italia for the treatment and care of the person are registered in the Repertory of medical devices of the Ministry of Health since 2008, at the institution of the Register.