Who we are

KwickScreen manufactures the world’s most portable and compact room partitioning system. Founded in 2008, our patented pull-out screens have been installed in every trust in the NHS alongside over 200 hospitals in the USA and many more worldwide. 

KwickScreen has a range of products catering to all your healthcare environments needs, from attached to the wall to a variety of heights and colours. Bespoke built in our factory in London, the double sided inner panel can be customised to suit the aesthetic theme of your space. Incorporating appropriate imagery into healthcare environments can significantly improve patient wellbeing and assist with the recovery process. KwickScreen is the largest installer of art in the National Health Services, with all our medical privacy screens being fully customisable on both sides by our dedicated artwork team. 

KwickScreen has now been widely adopted in the UK and US for privacy and dignity, infection control and curtain replacement purposes as well as for the quick creation of temporary spaces and we are now expanding further internationally.

Enjoy the visit and do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries.

Our values

- We create a unique patient experience by incorporating art and design into healthcare environments.

- We provide a physical protective barrier that prevents the spread of infection via droplet transmission. Designed with cleaning in mind, all components are accessible to wipe clean and easy to maintain which makes KwickScreen products the most eco friendly partition system.

- We respect patient and families privacy by providing attractive and versatile privacy walls which aid space management without the need for expensive ward remodelling.

- We support craftsmanship and manufacture the product in our factory in London.