Who we are

KYERON is young and independent family-owned company. And although we do not have got hundreds of years of history, we are very proud to be a dynamic, enthousiast and independent company full of great ideas. KYERON has been established by the end of 2007 by Ronny Masselink, guided by the idea that all products need to provide added value. We use proven technology to innovate in quality.

In the world of biomaterials a lot of companies don’t feel the need to persuit their creative minds, but do whatever is commercially attractive. This was one of the reasons to have KYERON founded – it need to have it’s focus on innovations. But moreover it want to investigate constantly the needs and wishes of the users. Our philosopy is that working like this will make our products efficient, safe, easy to use and more effective for it’s application.

KYERON is constantly in development – sometimes with a partner and will from time to time launch new and innovative bone substitute products for dental, orthopedic, neuro and general surgery. Further to the above, we believe that many innovations are already available, but lack attention. Therefore we offer some unique products from our partners as well.

Our values

KYERON is committed to provide medical devices which are - for human health - of added value to the process they are used in. Besides human health we feel commited our products to be save for the environment.

Our presence around the world