Kyoto Kagaku

Who we are

The World's Only Manufacturer of Anatomical Models, Imaging Phantoms, and Simulators

As educational content evolves and medical technology becomes more sophisticated, we provide products that can be used by all healthcare providers.
This includes practice models that recreate the actual feel of the human body and sensation of inserting a syringe, auscultation practice models that produce realistic heartbeat and breathing noises, and phantoms that produce the same images as a real body when undergoing x-rays or ultrasound. In recent years, we have facilitated the spread of simulation-based education through a lineup of products equipped with systems that can recreate changes in a patient’s symptoms, evaluate performance, and provide feedback. Only Kyoto Kagaku can realize every step of creating these kinds of products inhouse, from development through to manufacture and supply.

Our values

Made in Kyoto, Japan

Manufacturing unique products with unparalleled quality—this sums up Kyoto Kagaku’s approach to quality management. In order to pursue this highest level of quality, we have established an integrated framework that includes every step of product development, from product planning through to manufacturing, sales, and aftercare. Each individual product undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure it arrives ready for use. Going forward, we will strive to increase trust in our products by further improving quality controls based on customer feedback.