Who we are

LaboGene is one of Denmark’s leading supplier of high-quality laboratory equipment & we have through ongoing innovation continued the development of our laboratory equipment to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical divisions worldwide.

LaboGene specializes in design, development, production & sale in the area of clean air & laminar flow, freeze drying & vacuum concentration, cooling & centrifugation.

ScanLaf: LaboGene’s range of biological safety cabinets within the area of clean air & laminar flow technology. - It represents the ultimate best within safety class 1, safety class 2 and sterile cabinets.

ScanVac: LaboGene’s range of freeze dryers & vacuum concentration laboratory equipment.

ScanCool: LaboGene’s range of cryo- & cooling baths plus the ultra-low -90°C freezer. 

Our values

With over 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and service of scientific equipments for scientific and medical research, pharmaceutical quality control and testing. It is our mission: 

To meet the demands and expectations of our staff, customers and distributors in all aspects of our relationships. 

To make a positive contribution to the scientific community by providing equipment of innovative design, quality of construction and reliability in performance. 

Provide customers with top quality equipment to best serve their needs, delivered on time and backed up good technical service for the equipment's life-time.

Constantly strive to make a positive impact on our world by employing energy saving and environmentally friendly components in our equipment, in our design considerations, manufacturing processes, operating protocols and servicing methods.

Our presence around the world