LCM Genect srl

Who we are

LCM Genect is an Italian company committed to the development of scientifically proven and ground-breaking molecular diagnosis and pharmacogenetics tests, along with the development of Precision Medicine.

Our goal is to ensure technological breakthroughs as well as to deliver accurate and reliable tests, so that their outcomes may be used to determine and personalise therapy protocols, bringing tangible benefits to everyone’s life.

Thanks to LCM’s history in the pharmaceutical industry, going as far back as 1982, and to the qualified experience of our founding members in the field of diagnostics, LCM Genect can boast scientific and commercial credibility.

The scientific expertise of our R&D head and renowned Clinical Molecular Biology Professor, Maurizio Ferrari, as well as LCM’s entrepreneurship, inspire us to steadily pursue innovation.

Our top-level scientific support will favour the introduction of new tests. Patients will benefit greatly from the results of reproducible and robust CE-marked tests.

In our vision, molecular diagnosis and pharmacogenetics can become an opportunity for everyone, enabling patients to reap the benefits of research through optimal prevention and therapy.

LCM Genect is committed to acting as a reference for health protection knowledge, promoting its growth and circulation.

Our values

Our values

Scientific expertise, Innovation, Proficiency and Tradition are the core values that guide us and inspire our work.

Our Mission

We have a long-standing tradition in the pharmaceutical industry. We face the new challenges of Precision Medicine to offer ground-breaking and scientifically proven genetic tests for molecular and pharmacogenetic diagnosis. Our tests are personalised to meet the demands of each patient.

Our Vision

Genetic tests in all laboratories

We are committed to becoming a key player in the development of molecular diagnosis tests, so that precision medicine may be used to benefit every human being’s health.