Who we are

Leltek Inc. was founded in 2013 by a team of top-notch System on Chip designers and engineers. We specialize in ultrasound medical imaging system miniaturization. Ultrasound miniature technology is expected to provide an opportunity for the ultrasound to enter small clinics, ambulances, home care, and emergency medical services to provide customers with great potential value.

Leltek aims to make ultrasound imaging to be used anytime and anywhere, just like a stethoscope accompanying the doctor, everyone around the world could have affordable and quality medical solutions without boundaries.

Our values

The portability and superior image of LeSONO make diagnosis from the remote area a reality and offers a timely high-quality medical solution and accurate assessment at the point of care. We take the mission of improving the quality of human life, innovate the technology to provide more user-friendly medical products and services.