LeoCon Group

Who we are

Ukrainian engineering and production company "Leocon-Group" is a manufacturer and supplier of components, constructions and equipment for clean rooms and offers the fully integrated range of products and services for realization «turn-key» projects in clean technologies area. In particular, our company handles complete structural projects from the designing stage to fully installed equipment in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical companies, electronic and food industry, etc. 

Having own modern productive base and manufacturing premise, either as qualified and professional staff, and also leaning against experience of our European partners, being the known project companies and leading producers of technological equipment, we are ready to solve any tasks put before us. Our production capabilities allow to equip about 10 000 m2 of clean rooms per year, either as provide service during installation and post installation period.

All «now-how» in this sector is the result of our own research-anddevelopments. Our developments, engineering experience and knowledge, and also development of new technologies is guaranteed high level of our project decisions.

Quality of our products is confirmed in practice and corresponds to the most strict rules. In 2014 our company has finished certification by TÜV SÜD and received confirmation of establishing and implementatation Quality Management System of production according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Basic directions of activity :

1/ Engineering 

• implementation of pre-project researches and development of technological tasks;

• implementation of planning : conceptual, base and working projects;

• optimization of works on planning and building of object;

• attestation and validation : wide range of qualification work (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ) of clean rooms and processing equipment according to GMP rules, European

standards and directives; protocols and SOP.

2/ Production of elements and constructions for clean rooms

• production sandwich-panels for walls and ceiling in several different types and configurations in combination with the use of front-rank developments in area of

coverages and materials for clean rooms, including material with antibacterial activity;

• production of hermetic cassette ceiling for clean rooms; 

• production of hermetic swing-out and sliding doors for clean rooms (special configuration of door profile, drop-down thresholds, etc.);

• production of luminaries of different protection degree (IP 54, IP55, IP65);

• production of filter-fan units for clean-rooms;

• production of the signaling and blocking systems for doors.

• production of biologically safety boxes I, II-th classes of biosafety;

• production of pass-through boxes. 

3/ Equipment

• supplying an equipment of the systems of ventilation and conditioning (HVAC);

• supplying an equipment for water treatment (distillers, systems of reverse osmoses);

• technological equipment: pharmaceutical autoclaves and washings-disinfectors;

• systems for clean room monitoring, equipment of control of quality of water and air.

In the days, when progress develops extraordinarily quickly, it is important to be in step with the time. Our goal is to offer solutions, which are modern and technologically front-rank, safe and reliable. We want, that our objects possessed a modern technical base which would open new possibilities for our clients.

Our values

All our values are concentrated and based on the preservation of human life. Every product we produce reflects our commitment to achieving better clinical results. The satisfaction of our customers is the main pillar of our achievements. Honesty and openness help build confidence. Patient care and their well-being are paramount to us, as they are our end customers.

The pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work.

The highest respect to every person.

Responsibility plays a central role in all our endeavors.

Our professionalism and work ethic allow us to transcend your expectations.

Our presence around the world