Levabo Medical

Who we are

Levabo is a company that makes a difference in the health care sector.

Levabo is a Danish-based company that was founded on the initiative of nurses and medical product developers. The focus of our work is the development of care aids around patient positioning for pressure ulcer prevention and wound care. Due to our several years of close cooperation with different areas in the health care sector and in accordance with the latest scientific recommendations such as those of the EPUAP, all Levabo products are adapted to the actual needs.

The focus is always on ideal patient care and support for healthcare professionals with high-quality and holistic products.Economic advantages result from various aspects of our products. Consistent pressure ulcer prevention can also save high treatment costs. We keep the investment costs for clinics and care facilities as low as reasonably possible.All this currently leads to Levabo and its sales partners supplying nursing facilities and hospitals worldwide with products.

As a manufacturer of medical products, we are always looking for reliable trading partners to ensure the supply of our medical products.

Levabo-Pressure Ulcer Prevetion, Built on air!

With the development of future-oriented reliable and user-friendly cushions, it is our mission to help in the fight for the eradication of pressure ulcers.

Among Levabo’s “core values” is a strong and sustained investment in the development of new technologies and new products while we continue to refine our core product lines, so as to meet the specific needs of all our customers.

Levabo’s products "tunall", “heel up” and “all-up”, are single-patient inflatable positioning cushions.

The products are focused on prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers and specially designed to make a positive difference to the already known and used products. The products are developed in cooperation with leading wound nurses, ensuring optimum comfort and hygiene with an ergonomic design that provides good stability. The outer layer is made of soft, flexible, heat and moisture absorbent nonwoven felt, with excellent properties for direct skin contact.

TurnAll®, Heel up® and All up® is suitable for effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in high-risk areas such as heels, hips, elbows, shoulders, back, etc.

Levabo is a global leader in the next generation of cushions for care. Having a global representation – Levabo Europe, Levabo Asia and Levabo USA – we try to be close to our customers and provide the best service and support in the market – and if they need emergency assistance or information, we are only a phone or a E-Mail call away.

Our values

Levabo - We create solutions, made for you!

Develop with caregivers:

Nurses and healthcare workers are understood as the reference for the development of our products.Suggestions are taken seriously and integrated into the development of new products and the further development of products.Together we develop solutions for patient positioning to prevent and better manage pressure ulcers.

Levabo - Globally oriented, locally represented!

Globally oriented:

The purchase of our products should be made possible for all regions of the world. Healthcare facilities and healthcare systems worldwide can benefit from our products. (Prevention is cheaper than treatment)

Levabo - We create solutions, not only products!


We value that all business customers are understood as cooperations on eye level. This guarantees efficient and solution-oriented partnerships that build on success.

Our presence around the world