LINLINE Medical Systems

Who we are

LINLINE is an international group that includes R&D and production units as well as medical centres in several European countries. Our main scope of interest is in the development of high-efficiency treatment methods with the use of lasers in surgery, endoscopy, phlebology, dermatology and other areas of medicine.

We produce the most versatile laser systems in the world which are equipped with interchangeable compact high-energy laser emitters with unique characteristics. Manufacturing is certified according to the norms of the European Union (ISO 13485, CE mark).

Our values

First and foremost, our company has been investing for more than 15 years in laser technology. Our main efforts have been concentrated firmly in fundamental research and in the development of unique methods of utilising the effect of lasers on biological tissue.

The outcome of these investments has resulted in revolutionary developments in various spheres of medicine, incomparable to others in terms of their effectiveness. The manufactured equipment & devices are unique. We have no need to “copy” any competitors’ products; we have always followed our own distinctive path.

Providing safety is our major priority. Hundreds of thousands of patients have already experienced excellent results. The number of procedures with the use of our equipment counts into the tens of thousands per year. No one else in the world has such a wide experience as we do!

We also manage our own network of laser cosmetology clinics. LINLINE is by far the largest chain of clinics in Europe with over 40 branches and still expanding. We have solid competitive advantages as we introduce and apply our technologies to satisfy end customers every day.