Lory Progetti Veterinari srl

Who we are

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI is a young company born from the idea of some engineers / producers and professionals with decades of experience in designing, manufacturing , and maintenance of medical and surgical products.

The results are based on experience and research carried out over the years through collaborations with DEALERS and with the cooperation of the medical pratictioners. In recent years, thanks to continuous investments in technology and training, LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI has been successful in the market reaching a good growth and appreciation at European level.

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI offers new solutions investing and independently developing global service and general contractor projects, primarily in the medical and veterinary field.

The strength of our company is being a manufacturer, which makes us able to offer customers functional products with the highest quality standards and answer special needs by customizing products to meet the operator needs. We manufacture both catalogue and custom-made sizes. We supply not only flexibility, but also consulting services and design.

We always provide reliable quotations followed by order confirmation and a good production schedule to grant short delivery times.

LORY PROGETTI VETERINARI achievements are a starting point to give DEALERS an always better service.

Our values

Our corporate values
Reliability, responsibility, passion, integrity and quality:

Lory veterinary projects Ltd., bases its activities on these values:

INTEGRITY: we recognize our values ​​and commitment as a goal of our work; no we are bartering our identity with a small immediate advantage, but we aim at the certainty of the outcome.

PASSION: Making projects, installations and equipment customized to the customers ... it is not a job but a passion.

TRUST AND HONESTY: we give concrete answers because they are the best proof of our intentions, and we assess with full serenity the means and conditions of each project entrusted to us, openly sharing our conclusions.

TRANSPARENCY: what we are is what you see from all our actions.

RELIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY: we choose to respond in the first person; be prepared and competent to take care of the projects that are entrusted to us; constantly we verify to have the necessary tools to achieve them.

QUALITY EFFECTIVE: perform high-quality work in a producer price -but we do not do low-cost prices to sell poor quality.

Our presence around the world