Malvestio - Furniture for healthcare facilities

Who we are

Malvestio is a leading group on the international healthcare scene with furniture for hospital and residential facilities of its own design and production. The coherent and integrated offer of Malvestio products covers the needs of different types of facilities, from the simplest healthcare furniture to the most specialised, such as intensive care beds. With hundreds of thousands of beds created in hospitals and care homes, Malvestio dedicates its commitment to people - both patients and operators - making excellence not an end but a means to improve their quality of life, care and safety.

For Malvestio the term Made in Italy is much more than a cliché in corporate language: Italian excellence is what we are every day, a historical identity rooted in the territory and at the same time looking out towards the world. Each of our products carries with it a bit of the place where we grew up, its working culture and business philosophy: to be citizens of the world with pride in our origins.


Our story begins with one man's dream and his daily love for his work, which over the years has gathered so many people around him: it is the dream that in 1937 prompted Cavalier Guido Malvestio to start a small metalwork business. His intuition and enterprise turned that craft business into what is now Malvestio S.p.A., the leading Italian group in the hospital sector, active in over 70 countries worldwide.

With that same spirit, since 2001 his sons Marino and Giuseppe have been running the company, which now has more than 200 employees, two production sites in Padua and a new headquarters, the heart and driving force behind a continuous evolution towards ever higher production and organisational standards.

Today Malvestio is one of the leading names in design and technological innovation for health and care, with a team of professionals who develop environments for every need, using advanced CAD systems to design and industrialise products.

Our values


The soul of our mission, which we have always looked on with pride, is people. And it is people, inside and outside Malvestio, who help us to achieve it. From the very first beds we produced, our commitment has been guided by the vision of efficient healthcare focused on the quality of life of the patient. Listening to people, from our partners to professionals and patients, keeps us connected to their needs and gives us the inspiration to improve continuously.

Our work, our pursuit of excellence at every stage and level of production, is our way of responding to people's needs, helping to build equipment and environments where operators work in safety, giving patients the best care.

We believe in people's talent and in their ability to design and build better and better products. We believe in improvement and this ethos is expressed in continuous investment, technological research and process automation.

We believe, with the confidence that comes from our history, that if we all share the same goal the results will benefit everyone.

Our presence around the world