Malvestio - Furniture for healthcare facilities

Who we are

Malvestio - Furniture for healthcare facilities

Malvestio is a pool of 4 companies strengthened by the skills of 220 people and by the trust of thousands of customers.
With its 80 year long history and an active market in over twenty countries, it is nowadays the first group in Italy specialized in the healthcare sector.

To Malvestio “Made in Italy” is a lot more than a marketing common place, it is what we are every day, it is the identity of a company with a well-rooted history in its own territory and that at the same time looks out to the world.
Every single Malvestio product carries a little of the place in which we grew up and from which we inherited the culture of work and the philosophy of business: to be citizens of the world, proud of our origins.


Electric beds, bariatric bed, PCU beds, ICU beds, pediatric beds, cribs, bedside cabinets,over-bed tables,treatment armchair, out-patient's dept., stretchers, medical trolley.

Our values

Since the very rst beds we manufactured, our commitment stems from a vision: an efficient healthcare with the patient quality of life at its heart.
Our everyday work is our contribution to the dream of creating spaces in which operators can work in complete safety, with tools allowing them to offer the best assistance to the patient.