Marvoto Technology

Who we are

Ningbo Marvoto Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is guided by the development of electronic consumer products based on ultrasond technology, and is determined to become the leader of intelligent ultrasound & home use ultrasound. Marvoto has applied for more than 20 domestic and international invention patents, and won the support of leading enterprises in Ningbo.

Fetus camera M1 won the G-MARK Award, the highest industrial design in Japan. It was rated as one of the best products of CES by IEEE, and won the CES Innovation Award and the Geneva Invention Gold Award. Completed the KICKSTARTER crowdfunding of USD 4,300.00, and obtained orders from USA, Germany, Spain, Colombia and other 30 countries. The industry's first wireless smart handheld 3D ultrasound can be conveniently used in primary hospitals, emergency fields, and poverty alleviation in marginal areas. Muscle & Fat Z2 is the world's first weight loss artifact with black technology. It can measure the thickness of fat & muscle in different parts quickly, and better help users who want to lose weight in a targeted way. It has launched online sales on Amazon and Shopify, and has reached OEM cooperation with top listed companies. In addition, handheld cardiac ultrasound, 3D vascular ultrasound navigation system and in vitro ovulation instrument are being developed and registered, and these products have obtained cooperation intentions from multiple leading companies.

Our values

Let every doctor have a unit of handheld ultrasound

- Solve problems for patients

Let every family have a unit of handheld ultrasound

- Escort for health