Who we are

The brand name MAVIG is synonymous for premium quality medical technology and personal protective equipment, as used in in hospitals and medical practice.

The product range includes ceiling suspended and table mounted x-ray protective systems, mobile shields, suspension systems for e.g. monitors and lamps, radiation protective observation windows and curtains as well as personal protective equipment and accessories.

Since 2006 MAVIG also develops and distributes the world’s first applicable confocal laser scan microscope – VivaScope®. For the first time, this system allows for an “in vivo” optical biopsy in real time.

Our values

X-Ray Protection, System Solutions, Quality

Since 1921, these words have expressed the core of our products and values. A lot has happened since then. A local factory in Leipzig has become a global market player with its headquarters in Munich. On its transition from a manufacturer of protective aprons for welders to a world reowned supplier for clinics and hospitals, MAVIG not only gained industry-leading experience, but also an enormous wealth of know-how, which secured the company’s worldwide success.

What is MAVIG? What makes it special?

• Made In Germany : Entire production in Germany, from single parts to complete products.

• High Quality Guaranteed through High Standards: Our products go through longer life cycle tests than required by law.

• Expertise: MAVIG is built on 100 years of successful adaptation and expansion.

• Research and Development: In close relations with hospitals, universities, institutes, and international expert groups.