Who we are

M.D.L. is a company that operates in Delebio (S0) – Italy, about 100 km north of Milan.
The production plant of M.D.L. is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:04 and the range of products includes about 280 codes for sterile products with CE marking according to European regulations.

M.D.L. has two clean rooms and is able to produce a needle starting from tubular steel bar or from solid wire up to the molding of plastic parts, assembling, packaging and sterilization with ETO.

M.D.L. is able to perform machining with very high precision computerized laser cutting systems to 12 axes, with spot sizes up to 50 um. and cutting tolerances up to one thousandth of a millimeter. Recently M.D.L. has developed an innovative system of coating of the cannula called ECO_T, which allows a considerable increase of the Eco visibility of the cannula in addition to allowing the perfect electrical insulation of the surface of the cannula.

All M.D.L.’s products are subjected to stringent quality tests according to validated production procedures.

M.D.L. ‘s mission is being a focal point for research and technological solution providing both product development collaboration and development of tailored products.

Our values

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