Med-link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd

Who we are

Shenzhen MedLink Electronics Tech Co., Ltd(Medlinket) is a medical device hightech enterprise with a history of more than 16 years. It has long focused on the field of medical cable components and sensors, collecting and transmitting life signals. With advanced equipment, innovative technology and a professional team, Medlinket has successfully developed more than 3000 medical cable components and medical sensors for matching monitors, electrocardiographs, electroencep-halograms, anesthesia machines, and breathing Use of medical equipment such as machines, ultrasound machines, physiotherapy instruments, etc.

At the same time, Medlinket has its own industrial design department, which can provide OEM/ODM customers with connector design, 3D printing prototypes, and structural design, prototypes, molds, wire winding, and registration consulting services to meet different needs of customers. And our lean production model, whether it is a variety of small batches, or large batches of orders, should be undertaken, and provide good supply chain services.

*Shenzhen Med-Link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd Brand registered trademark: Medlinket

*Shenzhen Med-Link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd Stock Code: 833505

Our values

Integrity: integrity to customers, to the community, integrity is the foundation of business

Win-win: develop a win-win situation with customers and suppliers, and achieve win-win results with shareholders and employees

Responsibility: know how to shoulder and undertake, dare to create and pay in work

Collaboration: strengtheollaboration between departments and employees

Innovation: keep learning, dare to innovate and be good at innovation

Growth: growing together with the enterprise, to create a good working atmosphere and occupational prospects for employees

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