Medbone Biomaterials

Who we are

Medbone® is company founded in 2008, with the purpose to fill a gap in the market in the area of synthetic bone graft manufacturing.

Our Biomaterials are commercialized worldwide, being used in more than 75 countries, in orthopedic, dental and veterinary surgeries.

Medbone is constantly expanding the range of applications, in order to respond to the growing needs of health professionals through the development of new medical devices. We focus on a constant innovation, with the help of our R&D department, with protected industrial property.

Our values

Our mission consists in developing and manufacturing high quality medical devices, enabling professionals in the healthcare area to have innovative tools that contribute to improve the living conditions of patients.

All our products have synthetic origin, which has major advantages compared to other solutions on the market: there is no risk of infections, no contraindications, and all of our products are 100% resorbable, due to the similarities to natural bone.

Medbone wants to meet the needs of the market. For that reason, we work every day in the development of new products and with increasingly diversified applications.

In order to Medbone® to grow every day through the expansion of our products around the world is extremely important to have distributors specialized in the markets they serve.

To Medbone, each region is considered as a single unique market, with opportunities to explore and limitations that must be respected. Therefore, Medbone has a network of distributors and specialized partners in every region of the globe.

Based on the thought of an internationalization policy and continuous growth, Medbone is open to proposals for new distributors of our products. If you are interested in representing our products, send us your proposal to
All proposals will be carefully analyzed by our team, with the mutual desire for business success. A response will be given to all full proposals.