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To meet our demand for quality products, we apply hand crafted, and custom made manufacturing procedures, where every single apron starts with the use of modern designer software and a CNC-machine to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. At all stages of every production process, we keep our customer preferences and wishes in mind. In the selection process of materials, we leave no question unanswered.

It is important to us to have a close connection to our customers to keep track of suitability and reliability of our materials and products. Our state of the art Velcro is made of polyamide with a high tear and abrasion resistance, and balanced flex properties. For stitching we use a sewing threat that is also used in the footwear and furniture industry. Professionals who work long hours with their x-ray protection clothes do have high standards on selecting the right model and finding a color that expresses individuality. Therefore x-ray garments do not always have to be blue, green, gray or red. We have over 40 colors and designs you can choose from. We believe we have a color or design you will enjoy wearing and that suits your work environment.

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the single most significant advance in flexible radiation protection materials for medical environments in more than a generation.

Independent tests demonstrate that the technical advantages of VECTOR X approach in terms of safety, weight and comfort, enable protective aprons, skirts and accessories to provide up to 20 % reduction in absorbed dose than competitors’ Lead composite materials, and 40% better performance than Lead-free alternatives at comparable LE.

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