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MediHandTrace helps to fight healthcare-associated and nosocomial infections, while providing hygiene teams with the means to manage their activities effectively!

How? Our IoT (Internet of Things) solutions automatically and continuously record hand disinfection data:

- National hydro-alcoholic consumption indicator: effective consumption of hydroalcoholic solution at each connected dispensing point in order to restore the real national indicator

- WHO 5: collection of health care workers' hand hygiene opportunities compliance data, with the possibility of reminder alarms, in order to provide all 5 WHO indications (WHO5)

Our digital solutions are implemented in hydro-alcoholic dispensers in medical services, patient rooms, etc. They provide real-time feedback on all relevant indicators, dashboards, reports, etc., to enable you to monitor hand hygiene compliance in accordance with quality manuals and WHO protocols.

In addition, the implementation of our solutions makes it possible to monitor caregiver activity flows and management efficiency, analyze patient disturbance levels, and perform optimized quality audits without observation bias, while reducing the workload of the hygiene team, and much more.

Together, let's fight healthcare-associated infections and therapeutic hazards, while improving bed turnover rates, quality of care and medical liability for better protected patients.

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