MediLine Healthcare

Who we are


The identity of the company based on coherence between our mission and our values. We have been the first company to market a closed system for venous cannulation and the first Italian company to produce devices for minimally invasive surgery (trocars, instruments and accessories for laparoscopy). A success made of time, experience and passion.


We have an industrial know-how established and recognized. A manufacturing plant technologically advanced allow us to be at the forefront to deal with the challenges issued by the market and to ensure the continuous innovation and the reliability of our products.


The world we live changes rapidly, as well as quickly changes the needs and requirements of our customers. The technological innovation is one of the guiding principles of our company and thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our people we place ourselves always the objective to research and develop new ideas.

Our values


The focus on the quality of products and services, the efficiency and operational safety, are the basis on which we have built our development project. The business management, the production processes and the products are certified by International Quality Systems and in accordance with the applicable regulations.


There is no company without people. Without the effort, the competence, the scruple of the people, all the rest would be sterile. Our philosophy is based on team spirit and we believe that every employee, beyond the level or the function, is the real capital of the company, an important resource that must be adequately supported and valued.


We carry out with the utmost care our work, our sense of responsibility leads us to search always the best solution. It is not enough to propose effective solutions but we endeavor to achieve what it is the most efficient, constantly trying to improve ourselves day by day learning from our successes but also from our mistakes.