Who we are


MediThinQ is a young start-up out of Pangyo Techno Valley in South Korea. We developed the world’s first wireless smart glasses solution that enables physicians to work freely from a wired monitor on the Imaging Navigation System.

Our founder started the company about one and half year ago, with the core technology has been matured over the past decade through his other venture company which specialized in wireless transceiver systems.

The MediThinQ GV series model consists of a wireless transmitter and smart glasses with a controller. 

They are based on our own proprietary technology that compresses and transmits high quality video image over its wireless network at less than 100ms latency between the Medical Imaging Equipment and smart glasses. This provides a stable and secured wireless link. Physicians will barely notice the slight latency between the image seen on the lenses and actual motions on the surgical site.

Our values

The MediThinQ team has come up with a unique solution to help physicians reduce their pain points. Less progress has been made in improving the surgeon’s work environment within the operating room while all kinds of innovative technology has been adopted by the bio-medical industry.The use of the endoscope or laparoscope is relatively widespread. And while robots have been used for precise and less-invasive operations, physicians still depend on medical image workstations with traditional wired monitors.