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Who we are

We were founded because we wanted to provide Polish doctors and medical staff with products and services at a much higher level than it was at the time of our creation. Our everyday functioning is based on the belief that you can do something better or differently, break the status quo in order to increase customer satisfaction. It is the opinions of our clients that give us an impulse to act every day, we want to be helpful to our clients , we want to serve them. We like to achieve "more" than others, and at the same time we want to do things that are important and valuable to the environment in which we operate. An important motive for establishing the company was also the energy and experience of the founders, who had an overwhelming feeling that they could create a company that would better respond to the needs of customers with their actions.

Our values

We connect people around common values ​​to change the lives of our patients for a happier one and ensure success to our clients and ourselves as an organization.