Who we are

With more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare field, MESPA manufactures hospital beds and equipment as one of the leading companies in the sector.

MESPA can produce to all problems in the sector with the experience gained over the years, MESPA carries the future technology today with its R&D unit, and can carry out advanced technology production by closely following the technological developments in the health sector. MESPA is one of the well-known and trusted companies in the international market by providing different and innovative solutions to regional needs.

MESPA, focusing on after sales customer satisfaction, offers its customers a profitable and quality long term partnership with the “reachable and integrated quality” motto.

MESPA aims to provide a quality life with advanced technology to health professionals, patients, and their relatives by recognizing that the sector requires thoroughness and care.

Our values


To develop the R&D studies by constantly observing the sector for the production of high-quality products that will make life easier for patient and hospital staff.

To make a constant difference with an innovative approach by focusing on customer satisfaction in the healthcare sector.

To follow the developments in technology closely to produce quick solutions, and most importantly to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.


To be a quality and indispensable brand in the healthcare sector by combining its innovative structure with the latest technology.

To be welcomed by customers who have been served since the first day of the sector in short, and long term.

To add value to the sector, life, and people, to develop values and invest in creativity.