Micro BVM

Who we are

Micro BVM is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced emergency field medical equipment. Its flagship product, the Pocket BVM, is the most compact BVM on the market. The Pocket BVM has a patented case into which the BVM collapses and as a result, the BVM is a ¼ the size of a standard BVM. The Pocket BVM is available in two other variations- Pocket BVM with O2 Tubing and the Pocket BVM Tactical. Micro BVM’s latest innovation- the MicroBVM EXT Tube, is an expandable extension tube that ranges between 23 – 75 cm (9-30”), and enables practitioners to safely and easily transport intubated patients.

The space saving advantages Micro BVM’s products combined with the robustness of their packaging and superior quality have made them the first choice for the U.S. military, NATO forces, international SWAT / Tactical teams, as well as civilian emergency medical response teams including airlines and EMS units around the world.

The company was founded in 2007 by paramedics who felt that the existing BVM should be improved. They wanted to design a BVM with the same functional qualities as current BVMs but which was highly portable and could fit simply, into an emergency kit. From their field experience they knew that if a BVM could be easily thrown or passed from one paramedic to another, it could save valuable time and help save lives.

Our values

Micro BVM is dedicated to developing high-end products that help emergency providers save lives. Our products are created with the highest quality of materials for flawless performance and meet the strictest regulatory standards. By saving space, we enable practitioners to carry more lifesaving equipment in their kits which helps them to save more lives.

Our presence around the world