Missaglia Spa

Who we are

Missaglia is one of the leading suppliers of furnishings and
equipment for the Health and Social Services and the company’s origins go far back. Silvio
Missaglia established a company with his children in 1960 called Silvio Missaglia & Figli
S.a.S, which went on to become a public limited company in 1984, however it was born from
the experience matured by F.lli Missaglia, a company established in Lissone in 1926
specialised in the production of furniture made from iron and similar materials. The structure
was to be enlarged and technologically improved in 1980, 1988 and 1993 with strong input
from Valentino Missaglia, who shaped the company with extraordinary passion and an
innovative spirit, lending it the characteristics that remain its strong points today. Missaglia
SpA is now led by Emanuela, Elena and Silvio Missaglia and is a highly-qualified production
company operating in the Italian market. Flexibility and tailor-made services are the
company’s strong points. Missaglia doesn’t just supply products, it provides solutions:
anyone in contact with the company can rest assured that they will always be able to count
on advice from experts capable of providing coherent, targeted solutions. Missaglia operates
in public, private and religious fields, working with councils, design studios, building and
management contracting parties and leasing companies.
The company’s various achievements include showpieces consisting of vast, complex work
for some of the most prestigious Italian health facilities: Niguarda Ca’ Granda hospital in
Milan, the Columbus care home in Milan, the San Raffaele del Monte Tabor foundation in
Milan and the Monza and Brianza mother and baby foundation c/o San Gerardo hospital in
Monza. Four different health centres that for their size (Niguarda), comfort and hospitality
services (Columbus), specialisation and research of international importance (S. Raffaele) or
national importance (the Monza and Brianza mother and baby foundation c/o San Gerardo
hospital), represent a wealth of excellence in the Italian health sector.

Our values

THE FUTURE OF THE COMPANY: We invest significant percentages of our turnover every year in research and development to innovate the product range, introduce new materials and new processes, and develop overall quality of design in terms of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetic features.

ECOLOGICAL MATERIALS: Our research and use of new materials is guided by the need to comply with rising international standards regarding the environment, in a broad sense, and recyclability of the materials used, including those defined by the Green Public Procurement.
Our commitment is certified by the ecological quality brand “Second Life Plastic”. It becomes practical through the creation of the Friendly range.

DESIGN-ORIENTED CULTURE: We work in close contact with design firms and with designers who specialise in interiors. Design-oriented culture: the intention to design projects with a high technical and functional content and instantly perceivable aesthetic features.

INTERNATIONAL OBSERVATORY: A final sector involving research and development concerns a study of the most advanced international experiences. This analysis process includes both regulatory issues (safety, ecology…) and design experiences in the hospital and social housing frameworks.

THE QUALITY OF ITALIAN WORK: Think global, act local: the principle that guides our work. Our products are manufactured by qualified technical experts from an industrial district that is internationally acknowledged in the design industry as the byword for manufacturing excellence. Know-how and technical competences allow us to propose furnishing solutions that are produced with handcrafting precision at competitive rates.
Conceived, designed and produced in Italy does not only signify qualitative excellence, compliance with standards, a guarantee of identity and traceability of single components. It is the most practical way to build value while protecting work and employment.