Who we are

MONOLITE IPERGRES® is the perfect material for the construction of sinks, worktops, and other surfaces for chemical, chemical-pharmaceutical, microbiological, histopathological, autopsy, hospital, and veterinary laboratories.

Hygiene, washability, resistance to chemical reactions and corrosion are the main requirements of the MONOLITE IPERGRES® tops and sinks.

In fact MONOLITE IPERGRES® is Technical Ceramic that does not absorb any substance, it can be easily cleaned with any type of detergent, it perfectly supports high temperatures, it is resistant to acids and corrosive substances; in the whole wide range of colours either satin or glossy finished.

This makes our material superior in multiple performances compared to the many materials on the market today.

We design and produce modular surfaces, for every need of space, need of use and combination, according to customized projects developed by architects.

Last but not least MONOLITE IPERGRES® is part of what is today called “Circular economy of things”, thus also guaranteeing its eco-sustainability, a topic of vital importance in the world of today and of tomorrow.

Our values

MONOLITE IPERGRES® is able to create self supporting monolithic worktops up to 2200 x 1100 mm, with only 20 mm of thickness, as well as many accessories and complements tailored to chemical, chemical-pharmaceutical and microbiological laboratories.

MONOLITE IPERGRES® is a ductile ceramic material easily customizable for dimensions, standard or oversize, and for various thicknesses and kind of section profile, flat or marine edge against overflows.

It allows you to cut every type of hole, and all the openings can be provided with glazed or unglazed water jet cut edges.

MONOLITE IPERGRES® Technical Ceramic is a mixture, stoneware (grès), that is single fired at high temperature (1230-1250° C).

MONOLITE IPERGRES® Technical Ceramic is manufactured from natural earth resources as clay, kaolin, feldspar and quartz. All the benchmarked materials are "natural” and the production technology has low environmental impact, with absence of any pollutant: the concept of “Circular economy of things”.

After a complex and severe research, experimentation on working process and severe control, Laboratorio Pesaro produces on its own exclusive formula clay mixtures and glazes, in a range of colours unique on the market.

The single-firing technique at high temperature allows the ceramic body to combine firmly with the glaze giving to the enamelled surface an excellent resistance in time and a very high quality value.

MONOLITE IPERGRES® Technical Ceramic manufacturing process method and procedures are in accordance with ISO standards for general management ISO 9001: 2008.

Laboratorio Pesaro is proud to be a member of SEFA – the international Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association