Motek Medical

Who we are

“We enable and invent the most advanced technological ways to study and treat balance and movement disorders - changing lives as a result of what we do.” – Frans Steenbrink, Executive

We are the global leader in virtual reality robotics for human movement research and rehabilitation, pioneering their technological advancement for already over 20 years. Motek products and technologies can be found in the most forward-thinking research facilities, top hospitals and stand-out clinics, redefining lives daily.

We excel in building the most versatile devices while ensuring highest data quality and synchronization. Our instrumented treadmill-, balance platform- and body weight support-systems are easily interconnected through our in-house application development platform. Providing an all-round support, we are the perfect partner for every stage of your human movement research and treatment.

Together, we will set future standards to maintain healthy and independent lifestyles for everyone.

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Our values

To contribute to the quality of life for every person by defining and setting standards for human movement performance, using our network of partners, our technology, and our drive to make a difference in this field.

Our presence around the world