New Surgical Instruments Co.

Who we are

New Surgical Instruments Co.

Instruments from NSI stand for innovation, quality and precision – the values expressed by the company’s all departments. This investment is the family business’s response to the successful course of the past 24 years and sets the foundation for economic production, efficient working practices and high performance merchandise management. In excess of 2,000 instruments and countless OEM products for well-known manufacturers in the dental industry are developed, produced and adapted to people’s different anatomies at the site in Germany, UK and supplied to over 65 countries worldwide.

New Capacities For Development And Production:

Optimized production processes come together with larger production areas to create the necessary space to expand the varied product range further. More than 50 new instruments are added to the product range each year. Each one meets the most stringent and rigorous requirements in terms of function, design and hygiene. Carefully selected materials and quality steels guarantee a high degree of durability and operational reliability. Our strength lies in being able to design and produce complex instruments. We remain discreetly in the background with individual solutions for OEM & ODM customers. Each new development includes the experience of internationally recognized Dentists. The conclusion is solutions, such as ground-breaking, patented surfaces that combine safe handling with the highest hygiene standards.

Our values

Core Values:

At NSI, we consider that our most precious capital lies in our collaborators (team members) without distinction of origin of culture and their commitment to the company. Our purpose is to attract to develop, to reward and to retain the best of them by offering them a professional environment secure and pleasant and the opportunity to succeed in a spirit of team and equity. The safety of each and every one of them is a mandatory prerequisite towards achieving our aim.

1. Quality & Standard Conformity:

All of the products we manufactured are used to improve the lives of many patients and such the quality of every product must be beyond reproach. Our entire staff is perfectly aware of the final use of our products and they all strive to apply the highest possible quality standards and to abide by the regulatory requirements that govern our specific sector.

2. Win Win Heart Services:

At NSI, the principal of client focus determines the pertinence of every action we undertake. Our aim is to enable our honorable clients to stand out from the crowd in their own markets, by offering them an optimized development platform thanks to our attentive teams, steadfast processes and excellent service. By developing the best solutions to meet our honorable clients’ requirments, a process in which they are actively involved, we contribute a day-to-day basis toward their success.

3. Cohesiveness:

We endeavor to achieve higher collective and individual goals through our team. This inculcated in the organization through effective communication.

4. Long Term Vision:

In everything we do, not only do we strive to offer a solution for the issue in question, but we also Endeavour to create the foundations that will ensure our long-term success. Rather than contenting ourselves with instant success stories, we believe this approach, which requires a great deal of commitment, courage and perseverance, to be the best policy.

5. Growth & Development:

Our growth and development are the ultimate indicators of our capacity to satisfy the requirements of our honorable clients while. All our team makes every effort to achieve our aim via continuous improvement plans; our growth is guarantee of our excellent financial health.

6. Corporate Responsibility:

We promote health, safety and environment culture both internally and externally.