Nimble Equipment Pty Ltd

Who we are

Nimble is seeking Partners & International Distributors.

We’re a company with a commitment to innovate the ordinary. We take the equipment you use every day, and we find a way to improve it. Sometimes you don’t realise there’s a better way of doing things until someone shows you. That’s the magic of innovation. At Nimble, our aim is never to just solve the problems you already know about. We want to solve the ones you didn’t even know existed. We keep design at the centre of the process to make sure everything we invent looks good too. Because why can’t functional be beautiful.

Functionality never looked this good. Nimble is new, but with over 40 years industry experience, the team behind it isn’t.

We’ve been building relationships, listening, studying and carefully observing the market. We’ve found that many essential product categories have been void of innovation, which is where Nimble comes in. Nimble has been established to innovate the ordinary, essential products that are ripe for improvement. Basically, we find products with flaws, design challenges and quality issues, and we transform them into products that are elegant, strong, and functionally superior. The way we see it, by making this promise to innovate the ordinary, we can take one product at a time, and we can create products that don’t just perform better, but also bring a smile to the face of the person using it. At the core of everything we do is the question ‘how can we make things better?’ and we believe that once you see what Nimble’s all about, you won’t look back.

Our innovations have resulted in a beautiful range of Nimble Storage Systems, Wire Baskets & Shelving, CSSD Equipment and Stainless Steel Trolleys.

Our values

Our Key Value Propositions set us apart from our competitors. They highlight the autentic differentiations that define who we are.

1. Beautifully designed products for the medical industry

Our products look good, function better and make the day of the end user just that little bit brighter.

2. Driven by purpose - to innovate the ordinary

Making the world a better place with a commitment to innovate the ordinary. We innovate by improving design, functionality and experience.

3. A consulting approach

Consulting first, product second is our approach - solving problems anywhere we can.

4. We are designers

Because everyone needs a little beauty in there day. There's no need to live with the drab, the ordinary and the inferior. We offer products that are so nice they'll make you smile. That's our commitment to you, a smile goes a long way in the world of health.

5. A better experience

We are receptive and responsive to the needs of our customers. Shorter lead times are catered for, easier transaction processes are sorteed. We focus on relationships for the long term.

6. A better hopsital experience

Products to deliver a better hospital experience to practicioners and clinicians, all around the world.

Our presence around the world